Why the Conservative Party’s Government is a Threat to UK’s National Security

Conservatives are Destroying our Armed Forces

The Army is being cut from approximately 150,000 soldiers down to approximately 50,000 by 2020. When the cuts are complete, the Army is supposed to rely on some unspecified number of thousands of Territorial Army volunteers. Can a volunteer who receives a few weeks training substitute a professional soldier? Of course not. But the Government wants you to believe that it can.

The Armed Forces are continuing to be constantly under-resourced because of the budget cuts. We’ve all read about soldiers in Afghanistan running out of bullets and having no helicopters – a significant factor in the number of casualties in the first two years of UK presence there.

Tory Government has decommissioned the only existing light aircraft carrier and hastily sold Harrier vertical take-off fighters to US at knock-down prices. Two new aircraft carriers are under construction but it will take many years before they become operational, and the aircraft which will supposedly operate from them are still being built by US. (They are so complex and expensive that US is considering cancelling them.) Of the two UK aircraft carriers under construction, one is to be mothballed because the whole project has gone hopelessly over budget. In the meantime, because of the Ark Royal decommissioning and selling Harriers UK has lost its only long-range strike capability.

Speaking of the long-range strike capability: the only aircraft currently capable of it is the Tornado. Most air-worthy Tornadoes are based in Cyprus, from where they’re supposed to strike at ISIS. Because of budget cuts, it’s been reported that in the whole of UK operational area, there are only 5 (five!) fully functioning, action-ready Tornadoes. The rest awaits repairs, and is blighted by shortage of spares. UK has a small number of modern Typhoon interceptor aircraft, but because of cuts they are spread very thinly across the UK airspace and would pose no significant threat if an enemy state (such as Russia) launched a full-scale air attack.

With all Armed Services facing extraordinarily-large cuts, the morale is predictably at bottom rock (or lower). Soldiers, airmen and sailors are doing a brilliant job, considering that they are working under constant threat of redundancy and are often forced to operate obsolete and inadequate equipment. It is, therefore, sad that when they go back to civilian life, they receive little or no support from this Government. Wounded veterans should have priority treatment, but that’s often not the case because the NHS is struggling to manage with ever-diminishing resources. Social care for veterans is virtually non-existent – we’ve all heard of homelessness and mental problems among them.

Trident Deterrent Reduced

There have been reports that the number of warheads carried by Trident nuclear submarines has been reduced because of costs. Fewer warheads – less money. This from the Government which is so critical of other parties opposing Trident. Well, no need to oppose, the Conservatives will make sure Trident becomes toothless pretty soon. Currently, some of the other UK nuclear submarines (so-called Attack subs, as opposed to ballistic missiles vessels) are capable of launching Cruise missiles (e.g. one did during the Iraq invasion). But each missile costs over a million, so judging by previous experience, there aren’t many of them. Meanwhile the Conservatives are giving the job of construction of UK nuclear power station to the Chinese. And a whole bunch of nuclear secrets will go with it.

The Tory Government is Cutting the Police to the Bare Bones.

So far, 20,000 police officers have been let go, and another 30,000 will be dismissed by 2020. Already, several police forces are not coming out to “routine” burglaries (where no-one was injured). Also, the two-person car patrols are being reduced to one person. Imagine you are one police officer on night duty and are called to a drunken fight outside a pub. It would be insane for one person to intervene, so the one police officer will first call for back-up and only when it arrives, will attend the scene. Which means that you will have wait longer for the police to turn up when you are in danger.

The Conservatives Have Cut Numbers of Accident and Emergency (A&E) Departments.

So now it takes longer for you to be seen if you have an emergency. I have spent many hours with my sick relative on a trolley parked in a corridor of an A&E department of a large city hospital, who were completely overwhelmed on an ordinary week day night.

The Government has Cut the Number of Fire Stations and Raised the Retirement Age for Fire Fighters.

It will now take longer for the fire engines to reach the scene and you will be likely to be rescued by a (fit and perky?) 67 year old.

The Government has Virtually Destroyed Mental Health Services.

Your chance of getting a mental health bed if you are seriously ill is remote. Patients have been placed in beds hundreds of miles from home because of the crisis. Forget about trying to get therapy for “minor” mental problems – the waiting times are into years.

Conservatives are Privatising NHS by Stealth

Don’t believe it? A few days ago a case in the news: NHS hospital, but the Reception is run by private company, Virgin Health, which turns away a young woman who subsequently dies. Important: Virgin Health state it’s not their fault and blame the hospital. In my opinion the Conservative Party would like a privatised health system similar to that of US. Of course, you may be of the opinion that the privatised Health Service would work better. In which case, what are you doing reading this?

This Government has Seriously Damaged Social Care Services

You know, that friendly person who popped in, gave your bed-ridden grandma a meal and a bath and made sure she was taking her medicines? First, due to cuts by the Government, such visits have been reduced to 15 mins duration, now they want them to be reduced to 5 mins. What can you do in 5 mins? Hence: hospital bed blocking because no-one can be released if no care is available – result: no beds available for patients.

This Government is Constantly Feeding Us Lies

My favourite one is: “the train number of passengers has increased because privatised trains are better”. Nothing to do with growing population numbers, longer distances to commute to work, and increasingly frustrating road traffic? They really think we’re all stupid.

Another lie: blaming 2008 financial crisis on the Labour Government, whereas in fact it was caused by irresponsible lending by banks and gambling with stocks by various Hedge Funds and other institutional speculators. Nobody went to jail but we are all paying for it now through the so-called austerity. Why didn’t anybody go to jail? In UK, only 0.7% of UK population are millionaires but 78% of all British MPs are millionaires. Draw your own conclusions.

Labour “borrowed irresponsibly”. This Conservative Government has so far borrowed more than Blair and Brown’s governments combined.

NB I don’t belong to any political party. All data has been published by the press and broadcast by TV stations. If you don’t recognise it, you should stop reading Daily Mail and turn to other sources.



MY TWO CATScatkiss

Mozart was white or grey
depending on the season
and soil:
the dryness dulled his shine
the wetness washed him clean.
If he could speak he would say
that he lived under the stairs –
this was his happy place.
Oh, and that he did not like being touched –
far too sophisti-cat for
this crude human handling.

Jake was grey or black
depending on the angle
at which sun stroke his fur.
He went on long mystery trips
catching snakes by the brook.
He would say – if able to speak –
and here I’m guessing again –
that the garden was his,
and maybe even both houses.
He was a peasant by nature
but owned us all
and wore his heart on his coat
for all to see.

Mozart wasted away
We buried him in the garden.
Jake went mad –
I would like to think that he went mad with grief –
perhaps he could not face the world
without his missing twin.

Sleep well Mozart, farewell Jake
unwilling messengers
of more bad fortunes to come.
You took a small part of me
never to return.



do you remember?
try for a moment.
Recall the past:
one hazy day in rampant summer
when we both stood, mouths filled with dust
of past rememberings,
hoping perhaps to re-connect
what was then waning
and so we were: two empty hearts
so oddly cast
in darkened grass under the skies.
Autumn is coming I think you said
(sun scorched too much of my remembering)

and there we stood
under the trees on edge of town
in burnt-out grass covered in lies
where the road curved into the wood
and there we stood

was it to be the final entry
in secret diary of far gone summer?
future unknown, yet here and now,
bothering us
uncertain musings, heartbeats and sighs:
who will be first
who will let go
take different road from edge of town
first to forget, first to exhale
such bitter air
then – you’re not there



alone now
I start  to sleep
and dream of you: my secret angel.
the air is stilled
moon oddly red
the night so dark
until the morning – perfectly bright.
Once we were friends, a special bond
then we were lovers
souls were exchanged
or so it seemed
you’re a whisper in haunting dreams
ripping away
shards of my heart.
The night is time
to follow dreams
until the morning